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My name is Mohammad Babaei. I live in Tabriz, Iran ..
I graduated Computer science, specialization Software Engineering and Information Systems.
I have over 10 years experience in programming and in that time I had opportunity to learn technologies that are useful at websites and web applications development. The most important ones are PHP, Laravel framework, MySQL, HTML/XHTML, CSS , JavaScript and GIT.
I am PHP developer specialized in Laravel framework. I also have experience in managing teams of developers, analyzing other developers code (Code review) and helping other developers in solving issues.
Answering developers questions and help them to solve their problems make me happy.

Contact me: +98 914 302 4972 - mohammad6006 [at] - Telegarm - Instagram - Twitter

Recent Projects:

  • eBilit | ticket booking system
  • FoodAll | food order system
  • Go2Tr | migration consultant system
  • HabibiInterior | Tile design system
  • BehRayehe | perfume order and automation system
  • Sentiment analysis one movie reviews
  • RTL helper for SublimeText 3 Editor

My Interests:

  • Laravel Backend and rest Api development
  • VueJs UI/UX, NodeJs, Yarn, some React -ing
  • Python for AI, Tensorflow
  • Sublime Text of course :|
  • Linux Servers (Ubuntu, CentOs) & Auto deploy management
  • Vulnerability Scanning & Colourfull Hat H4cKinGz
  • Bots developing for Telegram, Instagram & other social apps